My name is Leonardo and I'm a Computer Science Undergrad at UFRGS. I'm a Linux user since a long time now - unfortunately I don’t have the time to keep testing a lot of distros anymore.

It was after 2006 that, when I bought a Mac, I left Linux over the mac (for desktop, I must say. Still my preferred development operating system.) I still have some virtual machines with Slackware (wich is my favorite) and an ArchLinux, that I maintain alive.

Here is a little brief of what I have been doing so far:

  • I currently work at T&T (not AT&T) in a Ruby on Rails awesome super secret project, but I've also worked with: Embedded operating systems and storage virtualization, in the HP Enterprise Virtual Arrays (a.k.a. EVA), a storage solution with 5 9's; In HP SSTK for HP Integrity system.

  • At Instaladora Elétrica Mercurio, I helped developing an ERP with PHP and MySQL, that runs the entrire company, taking care of (control) all (at least at the time) resourses, time-tracking, stock... Pretty much everything.

  • Then at CWI Software as C developer, I have outsourced my working hours to Terra Networks, helping them to develop their support center. It was aimed at the internal support team, a management system for subscribers.

  • At Digistar, where I was intern of engineering, worked with C development, little stuffs in C++ and a lot of Linux. Awesome company, great people!

And the beginning: as intern at UNISINOS, on something that they call "cientific initiation". It's basically helping on research. You do what the smart people say and learn a lot (at PIPCA (Programa Programa de Pós Graduação em Computação Aplicada da Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos - UNISINOS/RS). I have worked with high performance computing there.

I have also tried to build my own company focusing in development with Ruby on Rails web applications. Start-ups demand lots of time and you have to choose at some point, but it was a very intense experience that I certainly don't regret.

I also like photography, bowling, pool, rugby and brew a beer once in a while.

More info on my resume can be found @ linkedin, and if you feel like, you can check my repositories and some progects @ the projects page.

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