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At some point there was more projects, but you know, they kinda go with the wind and only some persist through the times. is just like "fixmystreet" project, but in portuguese and and some features that makes sense for people here. There will be a client for Android and for iOS as well.

This is been written in Python with Django.

A programming language directory. It is not ready yet, but it is going to be an aggregator for programming languages, featuring most "liked", most googled, most used in github, newest, oldest, etc...

This is been written in Python with Django.


Retriever is a GUI for rsync that aims at been simple and do remote rsync. It's still in early stage of development, but it's very usable. The application icon is a young Golden Retriever, because it's designed to "retrieve" stuff backed up in online servers and because is still a baby application.

To have a look at the application you can visit its page at There you'll find a Wiki and a nissue tracker where you can fill bugs and requests.

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